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DAMON SALVATORE. ([personal profile] eyething) wrote in [community profile] dear_elena2017-04-30 10:59 am

(Third Letter: goodbyes)

Dear Elena,

My mother finally decided to do the right thing for us. It was too little, too late if you ask me, but she did it. Now she's dead.

Everyone stood around her bed while she was dying. It made me feel sick.

When I was a kid, I had a pet. It was a turkey, which I realize now is very sad pet for a child to have. It's not like turkeys are known for their affectionate natures, but I named him Sammy and I fed him every single day. As I am sure you can tell, this story doesn't have a happy ending.

My father made me kill it. If I cried at all, he made me start over. Thankfully at that point, I'd learned how to not cry so it didn't go on any longer than it had to, but once I was alone, I cried.

My mother found me.

I remember she held my face, and she called me her sweet boy. She said if you love someone enough you don't ever have to say goodbye. They stay with you.

It's one of the only times I can remember her showing me kindness. To think it was all over a turkey.

I just don't know that I loved her enough.

And I love you more than anything and everything in the world, but I still had to say goodbye and it still hurts like hell.

I wish you were here.