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(2nd letter: thanksgiving)

Dear Elena,

Yes, hell will continue to remain frozen over as long as you are asleep in that coffin. This is as close as I can get to talking to you, and you've always been the person I talk to about everything. Even before we got together, and you'll remember this now. We'd meet back up usually in your bed, lie beside each other, facing each other. We'd talk until one of us fell asleep, usually you.

I am certain by now someone has written about how terrible Lily Salvatore actually is. She has her family, and she has her Julian who she'd do anything for.

We're just not a part of that equation. We haven't been for a long time.

Stefan has decided our mother is worth saving. I have given up on her. He reminded me how once upon a time, you believed in me when no one else did, and so despite my personal beliefs, I agreed to help him. We are now officially trying to reach my mother as if it's so easy after over a hundred years, but you know Stefan.

Thing is I know you'd refuse to give up on her too, and I want to do right by you. It's part of keeping you in my heart.

Helping Stefan meant inviting our mother to Thanksgiving dinner and knocking her out with vervain. Just a typical Thanksgiving dinner for the Salvatores. When she woke up, we had her tied up, and we talked about old family memories.

It was as beautiful as you can imagine an old Salvatore memory with Giuseppe to be.

She solved the mystery of what happened to my father's missing money all those years ago. She says she was going to use it to run away with Stefan and me. I don't know if I believe her.

Maybe I want to. Maybe I want to believe the mother in my memories truly did love me at least a little bit.

I can hear you in my head now. It's okay to believe her. It's okay to want to. She's your mother. It's more complicated than that. She took

It's her fault
I won't ever forgive her.

But you will be glad to know I'm eating the Thanksgiving dinner we failed to eat earlier now, I'm thinking about Friendsgiving. Simpler times. All I was responsible for was the string beans. You think Stefan helped at all with this multi-course meal?

I was in the kitchen, cooking for hours, and he's off trying to track down Julian's next move while all this food gets cold.

I sound like a housewife right now, don't I?

God, Elena, I miss you. I can think of this whole scene playing out so differently. You tangled up with me. We're both eating Thanksgiving dinner while I pour you wine, and then we dance in front of the fire place, which leads to other incredibly sexy activities wherever we want to have them at.

You are with me, and I'm with you too.